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2585 Willamette St
Eugene, OR, 97405
United States


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Scott Landfield

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Our 21st Anniversary Sale is now behind us.
Thank you very much, Folks, for the best Anniversary ever!

And some more good news, at least potentially:
A phone conversation on Tuesday, November 29, 2016
now leads me to think that another 21 years at a (remodeled) 
2585 Willamette is possible. Not easy, but possible.  
What will it take?:

For One: It's going to take a gathering of what are called "Angels;"
likely both individual Angels, and a community of Angels. If you are a potential "Angel," or know one, please feel free to email me, Scott, here at A meeting will soon occur, and it would be good if you would consider coming.

Number Two: Tsunami Books Inc needs a second full-time working owner. One (me, Scott Landfield), age 63, with no money, is not enough to keep this place growing as a Bookstore and Commuinity Center. Tsunami was conceived and built as a place for at least two worker/owners. Know someone who might like the idea of being a working owner of a Bookstore/Performance Center/Publishing House? Email is a good way to start.

Number Three: The time to get things moving is Now. Time is limited. People (angels) will need to come together, a plan developed, and a substantial business decision made.

Number 4: This fiscal year that (technically) began July 1, 2016 must be our best, both from a business, and from an events point of view. So far so good. Let's all have an especially good holiday season.

Folks, Tsunami Books is still in the running for another 20 years at this location. To be honest, I am shocked, pleasantly so, by this latest information. Certainly many people come by, both curious and hopeful. Personally, I'm not into hope, I'm into action. For now, I'll keep the information flow up-to-date using this Facebook Page, as well as our email list. And we'll have hard-copy information at the counter, so drop on by.  
Let's do something about the future.
thanks, sl