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Moral Storytelling and Puppetry by puppet-master “PAPPENSPIEL”

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Moral Storytelling and Puppetry by puppet-master “PAPPENSPIEL”

Saturday, January 5, 1 PM: Moral Storytelling and Puppetry by puppet-master “PAPPENSPIEL” Eberhard Eichner, originally of Berlin, who has wandered the American West in search of the perfect stories. An All-Ages Puppet Theatre.

This from Eberhard:
Hallo - my dear breathing souls, friends and friends to be, it's storytime !

I have managed once again to craft puppet characters and masks to illustrate a few more of my favorite tales and still bringing it to you by-bicycle and/or public transportation.


The trunksized stage ( and my dog and I) have been regularly exploring substantial seat auditoriums, some schools, libraries and bookstores, as well as classrooms and even beloved livingrooms filled with family and friends.
In the oral tradition, it is often the artistic intimate, the quiet, that is most effective. But it is also the out-loud funny, troubling serious and so much of the mostly unanswerable that I like to work into my programs!
In addition, puppetmaking workshops have been made available after some shows and generated much cheer to the motto: "... a puppet a day - keeps the doctor away ..." !
"Pappenspiel" ( paper play, as it translates from the German) is a widely inspired, but original creation. I have been jumping around (with varying degrees of success, but to often surprising discoveries) outside one box or another in my life.
The puppets and masks in the current box have been crafted again from mostly repurposed cloth, rag, wire, paper and other ordinary everyday objects to form the characters and symbols to selected legendary folk and wise moral tales.
The stories are based on classics from the German/Central European "Märchen" tradition, yet aimed freshly at your very own eyes and ears, your beating heart, wondering mind - to celebrate the living art of the good sense, the common sense, the laughing twinkle and the soaring spirit !

Please, join me for the one or the other (typically 10-15min. tales each) or for a whole magic evening of a range of stories for all ages:

"Another Giant & Another Beanstalk" -
a re-visit to the land of the "Evil Giant" and a sequel about the "Happy-Ever-After"...

"Godfather Death" -
about life - the gift, the circle, the flame...

"The Straw, the Coal and the Bean" -
how it matters to choose the right companions for the road...

"The Brementown Musicians" -
how it's never too late for anything,
especially a decent life...

Hoping to see you soon at a Show&Tell near you.

Yours truly

Max Eberhard Eichner