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 David Barsamian and a Variety Show: A Fundraiser for KEPW

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 David Barsamian and a Variety Show: A Fundraiser for KEPW

Sunday, October 7, 4-8 PM: Fundraiser for KEPW, featuring David Barsamian and a Variety Show. Light refreshments.

4 PM Doors official open; house sound running

 4:10-4:20 MC welcome by KEPW dj Andrew Rosenthal and Jana Thrift performance poetry

 4:20-4:30 First video: “Trump Is a Distraction” with Noam Chomsky

 4:30-4:40 2nd video: “Just Say No to the Space Force”

 4:40 Hawaiian music provided by Jon Labrousse

 510-: Rob Tobias

 5:28: First drawing

 5:30-6:  Mood Area 52

 6-6:40: David Barsamian talk

 6:40 2nd drawing

 6:45-715: Joanne Broh & Stephen Arriola

 7:15-745: Raventones with TR Kelley & Randy Hamme 

7:45 3rd and final drawing

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