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     Coast-to-Coast Upcoming Visible Solar Eclipse, August 21st 2017

          A Presentation (not just for astrologers) by Dale O’Brien


         Every month there is a New Moon, a time of new beginnings. Solar Eclipses are much more significant new beginnings --- and endings, as every beginning of something is the end of something else. A truly profound experience of a Total Solar Eclipse is to be physically right under the Moon shadow, with temporary darkness during what should be daytime. Some travel from far away to experience such an event. Every prime-viewing Oregon park campsite was reserved within less than one hour after being made available. Special eclipse-viewing eyewear is a must. Totality will be as close as Albany, with darkness visible north of Eugene. 

         Before that big day, come see the eclipse path, west to east from Pacific to Atlantic, appropriate for this particular “mermaid” event. Also come see the eclipse path of 2024, and the Earth Changes region where the two paths cross. Learn how ancient cultures, including Native Americans, interpreted eclipses and dramatic true history of eclipse paths in this time of profound changes in America. Some previous eclipse paths will also be shown, including the “Nat Turner” eclipse, the cross-continental eclipse path of 1918, etc.


BONUS: Attendees will each receive safe “filter” eclipse viewers, which can be worn over or without regular eyeglasses.


Eugene resident DALE O’BRIEN, 66, began his study of astrology at age 18 and is a full-time Nature-based mythology-based astrologer and a Certified Interpreter of locational astrology. He has written and spoken about astrology at local, regional and international gatherings, for professionals, students and the general public. His introductory YouTube is “Meeting Neptune at Neptune Beach.” Dale’s website is: